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Complexity – volatility – ambiguity and the future of the capital market.

CEO of PwC Austria Rudolf Krickl invites top managers from industry and the financial sector to a discussion. The focus was on future trends and challenges on the capital market and the associated changes for potential investors. The focus was on a fact-orientated exchange and the discussion of various perspectives.

Participating guests included Christian Kögl, CEO of CERAM Austria GmbH.


Research for a clean future – On the cutting edge!

One of the challenges faced by catalysts is their sensitivity to sulphur compounds during oxidative catalysis. In order to actively address this, a project was developed together with the scientific partners DI Dr Christian Weiß (Chair of Process Engineering for Industrial Environmental Protection at the University of Leoben), Prof Dr Volker Kahlenberg (Institute of Mineralogy and Petrography at the University of Innsbruck) and DI Dr Roland Nilica, Head of Research & Development at Ceram Austria GmbH. Submitted to the Austrian Research Promotion Agency as part of a BRIDGE call for proposals, the funding approval was received in July of the same year.

The 3-year project has a total budget of around €750,000. Novel catalyst materials are being developed, characterised and tested as part of the project.

SulfROX (ffg.at)


“If it comes up, you have to take a chance.”

Christian Kögl, the new owner of the former Frauenthal porcelain factory, is revitalising the company with a considerable amount of investment and also wants to make the business greener.

The company has been “green” since 1985, when it entered the field of environmental technology with its current main product groups SCR catalytic converters and heat accumulators. However, further environmental technology milestones are to be achieved in the future and the company’s current research focus is on the utilisation of CO2 using the carbon capture method.

Ceram Austria in Frauental | How the new owner Christian Kögl wants to make the company greener (kleinezeitung.at)

Ceramic as a heat accumulator

Ceramics as heat storage, for clean air and soon also for CO2 absorption – this is what Ceram Austria GmbH is working on and researching.

From air purification to CO2 absorption: green turnaround with Styrian ceramics – news.wko.at

Green industry with a future

Austrian industrial companies play an important role in the transition to a climate-friendly future. The Styrian Green Party politicians Sandra Krautwaschl and Jakob Schwarz, Member of the National Council, are aware of this and are visiting numerous companies as part of an industrial tour.

During their visit to Ceram Austria GmbH, they not only presented the company and its contribution to environmental protection, but also discussed the challenges in difficult economic times.

Industry and innovation – Die Grünen Steiermark (gruene.at)

Company tour in Deutschlandsberg

The focus of the Wirtschaftsbund’s company visits was on business dialog with leading companies from the region. In addition to other regional companies, Ceram Austria GmbH was also visited.

Wirtschaftsbund on tour: Company visits in Deutschlandsberg – Deutschlandsberg (meinbezirk.at)