CERAM SCR diesel catalysts enable the highly efficient reduction of nitrogen oxides (NOx) in diesel engine exhaust gases, to meet mandated emissions targets. In combination with optimized fuel consumption and, lowering CO2-emissions, this is beneficial, the environment and decreases operating costs for the engine operators.

With high quality catalyst, economic and ecological goals can be pursued at the same time.

With the help of SCR catalysts, diesel-powered engines can meet the applicable NOx emission limits. The main applications for SCR diesel catalysts are commercial vehicles, tractors, construction machinery, propulsion and auxiliary engines in shipping, as well as diesel generators. The SCR diesel catalyst differs from the conventional power plant SCR DeNOx catalysts in its material composition, product design and high cell density (i.e. small pitch). In contrast to wash-coated competitor products, the CERAM SCR diesel catalyst is composed of homogeneous, catalytically active materials. The catalyst’s material composition and process technology offer the client consistently high-performance levels in a wide range of applications with excellent durability. Due to the excellent product activity, nitrogen oxide emissions remain below the mandated emission thresholds for extended periods, thereby reducing consumer costs. Consequently, diesel engines can be tuned to higher power output in relation to lower fuel consumption, as well as a reduction in soot particles.

Our adherence to certified environmental and quality management systems (ISO 14001) ensures compliance with legal environmental standards as well as guides continuous improvements in the development of our products.

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CERAM SCR diesel catalysts are fully homogeneous extrudates from highly active oxides, thus providing several advantageous product features.

Highly skilled scientists and engineers are constantly working to support our customers with best-in-class catalysts for their applications. Customers can rely on decades of experience, based on regular training and continuous development. To meet the needs of our customers, we regularly and continuously conduct special product tests.

Our research and development projects cover all aspects of the catalyst life cycle. This ranges from joint development projects with raw material suppliers, research on new catalyst systems, process development and improvement, to the optimization of application-specific catalysts. Continuous improvement programs are continuously applied to existing products and processes.

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