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We, Ceram Austria GmbH, not only proudly look back on over 100 years of existence, but also on just as much experience in the production of technical ceramics.

Founded in 1921 as the first Austrian porcelain factory, our plant has gone through many a turning point, changing business form, name and ownership and growing from a small local company to a global market leader with subsidiaries in the USA and South Korea. Since April 2022, our company has been back in Austrian hands.

The new owner, DI Christian Kögl, not only renamed the company Ceram Austria GmbH, but also made numerous investments to ensure the continued existence and growth of our traditional company.

Quality, the environment and occupational safety determine our actions and are a matter of course in meeting the requirements and expectations of our customers. The comprehensive satisfaction of our customers is the key to our company’s success. The basis of our success is formed by our employees, who through their expertise, ensure our future existence.

The brand name “CERAM” was selected together with and adapted by our employees and has been the company’s core name and logo since 1990. Our products and services have been recognized and appreciated worldwide under the CERAM brand ever since.


Acquisition through the CERAM Group Holding, GmbH and renamed to CERAM Austria GmbH


Porzellanfabrik Frauenthal, GmbH is sold to IBIDEN European Holdings B.V. and renamed to IBIDEN Ceram, GmbH


The company opens its own comprehensive metal workshop at our production site


Foundation of Ceram Korea Co. Ltd., sales company based in Seoul, South Korea


Serial production of SCR diesel catalysts for commercial vehicles begins and successfully launched to market


The group is reorganized into an industrial holding company, named Frauenthal Holding AG


Foundation of Ceram Environmental Inc., Kansas, U.S.A.


Foundation of CERAM Group


Development and Manufacturing of SCR-Catalysts,  Non-Catalytic Honeycombs, Heat Storage Media respectively


Ludwig Neumann founds the company "First Austrian Porcelain Factory" specializing in the production of high, medium and low voltage insulators